Services to find your dream home or property for sale in Spain.

dream homeThe credibility of the estate agencies during the so-called “housing bubble” in Spain declined drastically due to the bad practices of many of them. Their only focus was on selling a property for sale in Spain and they did not think about their client’s needs. Unfortunately this lead to many of their clients having large tax bills as the client did not understand the legal issues involved. There were more than one type of payable taxes to the Tax Office; future capital gains, VAT, and other taxes owed to the various government agencies.

Even today we read and hear about bad experiences clients have had when they have used the services of estate agents who have not been transparent and honest. Meaning that the client had a nasty surprise when the almighty Hacienda (Tax Office) came calling at their door.

Finding a trustworthy and reliable real estate agent is not an easy process, even less so if recommendations or references have not been given by friends, family or acquaintances who have asked one of these agents to guide them through the process of buying a property in Spain.

Having a personalized service to ensure the process of buying a property in Spain is fully guaranteed and avoiding any problems now or in the future is absolutely essential.

With this at the forefront of my mind when I started KR Property in Spain, I wanted to provide an effective real estate service which guarantees my clients, both buyers and sellers, an honest service. Someone who can be trusted not only to give clear, sound advice and information on buying a property for sale in Spain but someone to be with the client each step of the way and beyond.

Our Services: Free Consultation, Seminars and Inspection Trips

dream home2The three services that are provided by KR Property in Spain will enable you to search for your dream home in the perfect location of your choice.

Our Free Consultation service will help you to answer those first questions that arise when you decide on buying a property in Malaga.

Our Seminars are your opportunity to meet us in person, face to face. At these we can give you of all the details involved and go through any of the concerns you might have.

Our Inspection trips are specially designed and organized for those of you who wish to visit the locations of the properties in the Costa del Sol that we have for sale. During these visits you will always be accompanied by our specialized agent who will provide details on the properties in Malaga or Costa del Sol that you are interested in.

Services for Properties for Sale in Malaga and Costa del Sol

All of our services are organised and have been specially designed to enable you to acquire all the information you need. With the inspection trip being the ultimate one to visit the properties in Malaga or Costa del Sol you love and… Make Your Dreams Come True!