Free Consulting service for finding a property in Spain

When you start to dream about your new life in Spain, your first thought is to search on Google for a property for sale in Spain hoping to find the information required. free-consultation However, Google does not always provide the comprehensive information that you would need before taking what could be one of the most important steps in your life; leaving you lost and unsure what to do next!  This is one of the reasons why we provide a free consulting service to help you from getting lost along the way.

Our free consulting service has been created to make life easier for those of you who have finally decided to buy property in Spain.

We aim to answer all of your questions, take away any doubts or fears that you may have. We will do this with the help of our lawyer. Their advice is essential and it will guide you through the legal process of your property purchase.

Free Consulting Service for Buyers

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All non-resident who wish to buy a property in Malaga or anywhere else in Spain for that matter, should have a Spanish lawyer to advise them on the steps that need to be taken. This includes the documentation that is needed to support the purchase, the legal information that is necessary before and after the purchase of a Spanish property.

Free Legal Advice: At KR Property In Spain we will guide you through the process with the invaluable help of our lawyer, including all of the legal issues that need to be complied with. This is to give you peace of mind from the beginning to the end.

Financing advice: If you need to apply for a mortgage, we can advise you of the best deals on the market today. You are able to view these here.

Comprehensive after-purchase Advice: Once your property purchase is complete and you have the keys to your new home we will continue to support you with the other processes and applications that are required.

These include the change of ownership at City Hall, obtaining an NIE (which is best described as the Spanish equivalent of a National Insurance number)and it is used for multiple purposes; voter registration,  English speaking schools and lots of other information about the area where you have purchased your home, cafes, restaurants, bars and social events.

We can also guide you to which Facebook groups are good to join, these will give you lots of valuable information based on personal experiences from other members as well as job adverts, businesses, family events, adventure sports, hiking groups and so on… You can find detailed information on the Facebook groups to join here.

Free Consulting for Sellers

We are able to assist you with the calculation of costs associated with the sale of your property, advice you on all of the legal matters and help you to find the best options as well as any other processes that can help with the smooth sale of your Spanish property.